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(Parent feedback 2024)

When my son started high school, it was big change for him, and this transition had an impact upon his self-esteem and confidence. He met the workers/volunteers from the Horbury Breakthrough Youth Project in school and was encouraged to attend some of their groups and activities.  He continued to access support from the project in school and through the out of school activities for several years. Through the work with members of the project he developed the confidence to share/express his feelings, manage and address his worries and recognise his own abilities. He was so grateful for the support he received from the project he wanted to give something back, and after leaving school returned to the project as a volunteer for several years.

Initially after leaving education, he was not sure of his career path and although worked, was not sure where he ultimately wanted to be. The opportunity to work as a volunteer within the project and gain additional support and skills resulted in him having the confidence to apply and be successful in gaining an apprenticeship in youth work. He was clear that this would not have been possible if not for the support, guidance and opportunities that had been afforded to him by the staff and volunteers of the project.


Horbury Breakthrough Youth Project has enriched E****’s high school experience with many extra curricular activities which have kept him active and given him the opportunity to make friends - something that doesn’t always come naturally to E****.

The holiday activities have been great, E**** always has fun and it is clear that he feels accepted and safe with Horbury breakthrough staff.

Being the representative for the archery club has encouraged E**** and it is clear that he is being given the opportunity to develop in maturity and responsibility.

I am also delighted that Ethan is taking part in the DofE award


My children both attend Horbury Breakthrough Project. My son goes to the Duke of Edinburgh sessions which we are really happy with (Our friends daughters duke of ed is run by her school in a different area and they only select the most academic children to attend!!)  He is really shy so rarely puts himself forwards for clubs so I am delighted he has this opportunity.  My daughter attends Cooking Club at Horbury Breakthrough Project and absolutely loves it. It has been absolutely fantastic for her sense of independence. She really enjoys attending and gets on well with all of the staff but the skills she has brought home have been fantastic. She has baked independently and washed up which she never did before! She was asked to be an ambassador and was really honoured and absolutely loved attending the awards meal without us. It was so brilliant for her confidence and independence. It is an invaluable resource for all families in Horbury and I consider us to be very lucky to have access to this diverse program of activities to keep our young people entertained whilst giving them life long skills for employment and living. 


My daughter has attended the project for around 3 years. During this time she has enjoyed youth clubs, cooking lessons and girls clubs on a regular basis. She has also taken part in a 14 mile charity walk and helped out with a bake sale for cancer research.  The project also organised a very successful and enjoyable trip to London with an overnight stay during which they saw many of the sites and enjoyed a Theatre show .The project has helped my daughter to make some new friends and gain a little more confidence and independence all while learning a little more about the local community through events such as the youth awards held at the church which was attended by lots of local residents. Gary and the team are very welcoming and friendly with the young people and my daughter really enjoys being part of the project. 

(Parent feedback 2023)

'M***** has gained so much from the Youth Club & meeting others his age. He gets bullied at school but the YC has made him realize its not his 

fault and he can make friends & build new relationships. This is awesome for him.'

'Another great trip - thank you guys. Fantastic service'

'I think all the children have loved & enjoyed their day from young to old'

'Honestly, I think that Horbury Breakthrough is brilliant. The range of activities you put on is excellent. Always seem to be well organised 

by people that care and fantastic value for money. D of E in particular has been a brilliant experience, something that is highlighted 

by Tom doing his through scouting and not having anything like the positive experience (even with challenges!). 

I can't think of anything you could do to improve, just keep up the good work'

'Fantastic group - long may it continue - thank you all'

'I think your doing a great job - don’t stop!'

'We really enjoyed the outings as a family with special needs they went above and beyond to make sure we was on the quiets 

coach's we loves going on them and hopefully be more to come  thank you '

'The staff are very helpful, approachable & kind - well organized'

'This is such a great project I cant fault it. Haven't see my son since it started'

'If I could sum up the essence of what HYB does I would say it helps nurture youngsters and build them up. Ethan's self esteem, 

and confidence have come on leaps and bounds over the last 2 years and I would say that the project has helped him massively. 

The organisation of well thought out events, the ,natural skill of the leaders to engage with young people and the supportive environment

 that is created by the Youth team are an asset to the young people of Horbury'

'We absolutely love you guys and what you do for our kids and community, your amazing and do a brilliant job of everything you do'

(Parent feedback from online form 2022)

'I feel like I have people to turn to when needed'

'It's fun and always offers something new and interesting to do :) nice leaders'

'It's helped with communication skills, confidence, definitely sense of direction, safe environment'

(Young peoples feedback from evaluations of 2020-2021)

'It has helped me by I know I have a place to go if I need help or need to talk. The group is the best'

'I am more active in my community and I have gained new skills and experiences'

(Young peoples feedback from evaluations of 2019-20)

'I think the project offers a very good variety of activities etc for young people. Over the past few years my son has really enjoyed all of the opportunities you have provided. I feel he has become a strong, confident and independent young man through the experiences he has has with the project.'

'The project has exceeded my expectations with the level of support and variety of opportunities available'

(Parents feedback September 2020)

'It is a place of comfort you can go for help and support and it helps people to not be isolated and a place to make new friends and have new opportunities'

'A place where people can spend time with their friends and people aren't judged'

(Young peoples feedback from evaluations of 2017-18)

'The project provides an invaluable service to the Academy, particularly in it’s support of our more vulnerable students. Staff are always pleasant and approachable and their commitment is fantastic both during the school day and in providing after school activities. The financial support they have also provided to reward student success and to allow students to visit the Holocaust Centre at Laxton and study the negative effects of persecution play a much valued role in influencing positive behaviours. Thank you to all the team for another fabulous year'

(Ian Lloyd - Horbury Academy Staff 2017-18)

'It means everything to me, it helps me forget about the problems in life and makes me happy'

'It's somewhere to feel better about myself'

(Young peoples feedback from evaluations of 2016-17)