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Hello, my name is Iveren,

I prefer to be called Ivy. It's easy to say. Currently studying a Masters degree in

Youth Work and Community Develop at Leeds Beckett University and can only say

that it's been both great and overwhelming.

Prior to that, I had worked with young people both in church and community-

based settings, specifically in Nigeria, supporting them with skills and Education.

                          Combining youth work practice in Nigeria and the United Kingdom is a whirlwind.

I'm currently learning and unlearning about the culture, environment, and people

around me. It's been quite an experience I must say. Getting the Youth Worker

position with Horbury Breakthrough Youth Project was a surprise to me. I believe

there is a purpose for me which is working with young people to be better informed

and help make better decisions and in their lives and with people around them. It

is my desire to support them in any way possible, which gives me joy. I value time

spent in the organization and most importantly with young people participating in

activities that involve them.

I am gradually getting the idea of youth work and hoping to build trust and support

with staff members and volunteers of Horbury breakthrough project.